Прошивки GoPro Hero 6

На данной странице Вы можете скачать прошивку для камеры GoPro Hero 6 и обновиться через карту памяти. Подробнее по установке можно почитать тут (п.3).

Обновление прошивки v02.01 от 28.02.2018
Performance Improvements
— Enhanced low light performance
— Fixed frame corruption bug in 1080p120 videos
— Reduced purple/blue fringing in videos
— Video Stabilization improvements:
— Enhanced performance to look more natural
— Upgraded auto exposure to reduce blur in medium and lowlight shots
— High Dynamic Range (HDR) improvements:
— Reduced color distortion
— Automatically turns off HDR in lowlight conditions to prevent noise
— Automatically turns off HDR to prevent blur if there’s too much movement in the shot
Usability Improvements
— General bug fixes

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Обновление прошивки v01.60 от 20.10.2017
Performance Improvements
— Improves camera performance when recording in high frame rates of high resolution mode
— Fixes split screen defect in 2.7k60 Linear FOV and 4k30 Superview FOV
— Reduces image noise in high frame rate and high resolution modes
— Improves image quality in low light environments
— Adjusts color saturation to prevent over-saturation in certain conditions
— Fixes visual defects in 1080p240 during playback on iOS® and macOS® devices in certain conditions
Usability Improvements
— Reduces the time required for media to load on the camera and GoPro app
— Auto Low Light now works with Quikcapture

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Обновление прошивки v01.51 от 28.09.2017
New Features
— Adds the ability to power on your GoPro with voice commands
— Adds HDR for single photos
— Adds support for Karma
Performance Improvements
— Adds the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting for the Photo capture mode (single photo)
— Adds support for camera control and media playback on the Karma Controller
— Adds support for the GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter, which allows the HERO6 Black to be used with third-party microphones
Usability Improvements
— Adds the Wake on Voice setting, which lets you use two voice commands when your camera is powered off: “GoPro Turn On” or “GoPro Start Recording.” This setting remains on up to 8 hours.

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