Прошивки GoPro Hero 5

На данной странице Вы можете скачать прошивку для камеры GoPro Hero 5 и обновиться через карту памяти. Подробнее по установке можно почитать тут (п.3).

Обновление прошивки v02.60 от 19.10.2017
— Improves the reliability of QuikStories transfers
— Improves the first-time use experience
— General improvements + bug fixes

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Обновление прошивки v02.51 от 25.07.2017
— Enables QuikStories on the new GoPro app
— Automatically sends your recently-captured GoPro footage to your phone.
— Arranges your content into a QuikStory—a fully edited, shareable video.
Performance Improvements
— Improves the wireless connection between your GoPro and your mobile device.
General Improvements + Bug Fixes

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Обновление прошивки v02.00 от 05.04.2017
— Added new languages for camera and voice control
— Applied existing settings to more capture modes
— Added GoPro Plus features
Usability Improvements
— Adds Korean, Russian, and Portuguese (Brazil) as options for camera and voice control languages*
— Adds setting for date and time format, based on language selection
— Includes touch display optimizations
— Adds ability to extract a photo from a multi-shot series
Performance Improvements
— Adds Shutter setting for Photo capture mode in Protune™ (options are AUTO, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 second)
— Adds Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for Time Lapse Photo (intervals of at least 5 seconds)
— Adds RAW Format for Time Lapse Photo and Night Lapse Photo (intervals of at least 5 seconds)
— Adds RAW Format for Night photo
GoPro Plus Improvements
— Allows manual upload of selected content
General Improvements + Bug Fixes
*Use of Korean, Russian, and Portuguese (Brazil) on Remo requires updating to v01.01.08, coming soon

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Обновление прошивки v01.57
— Improves SD card stability

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Обновление прошивки v01.55
— Includes bug fixes and usability improvements

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Обновление прошивки v01.50
— Enables Karma system compatibility
— Improves support for Auto Upload to GoPro Plus*

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Обновление прошивки v01.20
— Enables Auto Upload to GoPro Plus
— Adds key performance and connectivity improvements
— Enables front screen navigation with camera buttons
Additional Product Compatibility
— Enables support for Auto Upload to GoPro Plus*
— Adds multiple language support for Remo (Waterproof Voice Activated Remote)
— Enables support for Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter from GoPro
Performance Improvements
— Enables use of Exposure Control with Protune™
Usability Improvements
— Enables front screen navigation with camera buttons
— Improved touch display accuracy
General Improvements + Bug Fixes
— Adds audio filter when capturing video with Karma Grip
— Improves camera and smartphone connections
— Improves media playback and navigation
— Imports RAW photo and Protune audio files through Quik for desktop

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